Starbucks has become the first brand to clear the 11 million-fan mark on Facebook, with the closest product rivals — CocaCola and Skittles.

This International coffee shop has clearly pulled off within such a short time frame through its brilliant and effective marketing strategy and promotional items and the effort it puts in listening to its number one source of ideas i.e. its customers.

It goes without saying that the base of any marketing campaign is to listen to your consumers and to adjust to their needs instead of simply imposing a corporation – centered idea on them. Starbucks by far excelled in this aspect through several campaigns that were initiated and backed up by its social media platforms.


Most campaigns that created a worthwhile buzz are summarized below:

  • The Free Pastry Day which was a whopping success, driving more than one million people to stores.

The Starbucks management offered up a free pastry alongside the purchase of any beverage until 10:30am local time. The event was covered through social media and had a noticeable impact on both brick & mortar and online aspects. Regarding the event’s presence on Facebook, nearly a breathtaking number of 600,000 Facebook fans confirmed their attendance to the event, thus creating a huge online snowball that caught the wind as friends signed up. This success wasn’t that surprising though since this coffee chain handles more than 3.6 million fans on its social network in total.


  • The company’sTax Day green initiative to get customers to bring in their own tumblers in exchange for free coffee, which — like Free Pastry Day— was primarily promoted online via their Facebook Page.

Because we live in the age of social media, a number of businesses have leveraged their social media presence to promote their freebies. Among those busineeses, Starbucks used its participation in Twitter’s Promoted Tweets platform to spread the message that was giving away free coffee if you bring in your own mug.

  • The company’s My Starbucks Idea which generated more than 80,000 ideas.

 The Starbucks micro site, also known as the My Starbucks Idea, was created in 2008 as a platform where users can post “product ideas, experience ideas and involvement ideas” about the Starbucks brand, store , food and beverages. The tagline presented on the home page of the site encouraged visitors to “share, vote, discuss and see” anything and everything about their relationship with Starbucks.

Each idea could be publicly displayed and other users, including employees, could comment freely on each post. If an idea was deemed appropriate, it was tagged as “launched, under review, reviewed or coming soon” so users could track the progress of the ideas submitted. The results were also publicized through the My Starbucks Idea Twitter account.


  • The company was selected to try out Twitter’s Promoted Tweets ad platform before other advertisers will have the chance.

 In response to McDonalds’ 100 million dollar McCafe advertising campaign encouraging consumers to buy McDonalds’ more financially friendly coffee, Starbucks launched its most comprehensive marketing campaign to date – using a combination of newspaper, magazine, and print advertising along with social media elements . The Starbucks verified Twitter account had just over 800,000 followers as of March